Invisible Cage

by Ankana Chrisanti

This project was a cover redesign for the novel 1984.

1984 is a dystopian novel by George Orwell, a writer whose very name had become synonymous with cautionary tales of Government overreach and totalitarianism.
The novel so vividly captures the oppression, manipulation and complete lack of restrain the fictional government in the story shows towards it's citizens. With freedom of expression stripped and surveillance near omnipresent, our protagonists are left with a deep sense of isolation and a painful longing to be free.

Decades after it's release, 1984 have not only endured as an important piece of literature during it's time, it's themes have arguably grown in relevance as our society threads a slippery slope in it's relentless pursuit of technological advancement.

The handmade object was created to represent the keynote of the story. The gloomy cityscape with it's lone inhabitant is a take on the sense of isolation felt by the characters in the novel. The fish bowl portrays the feeling of suffocating limitations and imprisonment while also constantly being watched by a "bigger" presence.

Every design decisions were carefully made to capture the essence, theme and atmosphere of the book. The lack of freedom for expression, the sense of emptiness and the feeling of being eternally silenced and unheard are reflected in the hollow black colour, evoking images of a lifeless abyss or a dark empty space. The photograph of the object being presented in a narrow, limited space in the middle also reflects restriction and limitation. While the text written all the way at the top gives a sense of being pushed to the very edge.


Silver in Book Design 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ankana Chrisanti

University or Design School

Shillington College

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