Artist Dialog

by Lee Hau Yi

Project Description 
This is an original conceptual of an application and products design (Integrated Graphic Design project). During this pandemic, we are getting exhausted, depression and frustrated about our life. An applied design project aims to convey the inspiration and positive dialogue with a topic of “LIFE”, not only for art lovers, towards to public.

I explore the quotes from 12 great modern artists and connected those quotes into an applied design products, aims to create a dialog toward to the consumers. Although most of the great artists were passed away, their believe and wordings as a powerful statement which still long lasting to provide a positive influence in our darkness age.

This project gathering 12 great artist’s quotes, a topic all about “LIFE”, connected with daily life products, the artist faces has been design into a pictogram and icons. Firstly, the icons has been applied on stamp and postcard since its nature of deliver message, moreover, the form of icon is much more suitable for apply on print material.

In the product application aspect, the icons has developed into a pictogram, a more simply form which could perfectly applied on the food and create a dialogue more comprehensively, I applied the lucky cookies’s concept into a chocolate and packaging design with 12 iconic modern artist's life quotes, and through such an unexpected “Dialog”, benefits and enhance the consumer experience.

Design Aspect Included:
Creative concept development, art direction, graphic design, illustration, packaging design, stamp design, food application design, postcard design, pictogram & Icon design.


Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2021, Freelancer

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Lee Hau Yi

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