Midhat Pasha | Cafe brand development

by Amer Alissa

Midhat Pasha is a Turkish-style Cafe in Dubai, UAE, named after one of the most famous Turkish sultans.
It's Inspired by the Turkish rich culture that full of visual elements,

The main idea was to create a portrait icon for Ottoman Empire
Midhat Pasha, reflecting the Ottoman era luxury and heritage.
using the same visual concept and elements from the Ottoman era.

I was inspired by the famous Ottoman ornamental lines to design the Logotype and icon using the same Ottoman ornament lines and style.
alongside making a pattern and visual elements to present the brand in every detail from the cafe to the applications and signage.

Instagram: @midhatpasha
Facebook: @midhatpashacoffe


Gold in Logos 2021, Freelancer

Bronze in Branding 2021, Freelancer

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Amer Alissa

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