Tepito Coffee Roasters

by Revolve Impact

Tepito Coffee Roasters was founded by Richard Cabral and Mike de la Rocha, two Chicanos on a lifelong journey of spirit, storytelling, and activism. From farm to cup, Tepito Coffee Roasters is building a bridge between Mexico and East Los Angeles, one origin, one identity, one coffee at a time.

Tepito Coffee Roasters is an ancient lineage, a reconnection to a lifestyle. Rooted in our traditions of love and generosity, we believe that the experience of coffee is sacred. That’s why we are partnering with our distributors Pecora 19º09’, a premier coffee company in Veracruz, México, to produce one of the finest coffee experiences imaginable. We are culturally proud. We are older than time. We are Tepito Coffee Roasters.


Gold in Logos 2022

Silver in Packaging Design 2022

Bronze in Beverages - Coffee 2022

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