Unspoken System

by ArtCenter College of Design

Through our personal experiences, we’ve noticed how it’s easier to be a follower — whether it's buying something just because everyone else has it or choosing not to speak up against injustices. A lot of times, we choose the easy way out and follow the crowd. The repetition of this behavior defines the rules of society. There are norms and values that individuals in society are supposed to observe and uphold. This accumulated pressure and expectation to fit in creates an inescapable cycle and can result in negative consequences on a person’s wellbeing. We want to bring awareness to the corruption in society through the exploration of motion storytelling. Please view the full case study on my site.


Gold in Mix Media/Moving Image 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Tiffany Shen

University or Design School

ArtCenter College of Design

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Design Team

Cathy Xiao

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Individual Credits

Art Direction / Ignorance / Liberation: Cathy Xiao
Art Direction / Conformity / Liberation: Tiffany Shen