The Cube


Telekom Electronic Beats has been at the vanguard of club culture and lifestyle for 20 years. The Cube celebrates its defining narratives by exploring how the tactile aspects of club culture can be translated into the digital.

An experimental digital platform, The Cube invites users to enter it and explore six diverse perspectives on nightlife by themselves.

In the turmoil of a global pandemic, Deutsche Telekom is committed to an optimistic, expressive perspective on the web. With the Cube, it finds a way to bring club culture to a young, urban audience that has been unable to enjoy nightlife for more than a year.

The Cube's first season allowed us to reach out to many protagonists from the European night life scene - many of which had been without opportunities to perform and earn money for months. By tapping into our community to organize The Cube's extensive creative content, we were able to provide an alternative showcase and exposure to a large audience.

It demonstrates the creative and innovative prowess of Deutsche Telekom - it's an experience that only could have come from a leading provider of digital technology.

By using bleeding edge technology previously reserved for gaming it creates a digital installation that overcomes the flatness of digital content and replaces it with a new, tactile, real virtuality.


Gold in Interactive Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Malte Müller

Design Company


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Deutsche Telekom AG

Design Team

Klara Neubauer Lukas Esser Tim Rausch


Entrant Companies

Deutsche Telekom AG, DE


Deutsche Telekom AG, DE

Individual Credits

Creative Direction: Malte Müller - WAF GMBH
Design direction & project lead: Tim Rausch - WAF GMBH
Design: Klara Neubauer - WAF GMBH