Rebl Chef - we serve planty

by Laura Voet - Brand & Packaging Design

Rebl Chef proudly presents delicious planty and planet-friendly convenience products for your daily plant-based menu. Easy to prepare for rookie and pro.

Rebl Chef is tough in his looks but very approachable. The brand takes you on daily plant-based adventures. Every product is a unique adventure and with a tip & trick he creates awareness and fun for the consumer. The products motivate the consumer to choose for a plant-based alternative in the supermarket.

The labels form an abstract plant-based adventure in which the ingredients are central. This, in combination with playful badges with the USPs of the product, creates a recognizable appearance on the store shelf.

There is planty more to come!


Silver in Packaging Design 2022, Freelancer

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Laura Voet - Brand & Packaging Design

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Rebl Chef