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When we got the project, some changes took place in the shopping mode of the market according to the needs of customers. Then we targeted these consumer groups after the 1990s, and then we made a careful thinking to make the young people better accept it. We cater to the needs of young people through this macarone color, In addition, our product is a traditional probiotic product with health care, which covers a full range of products from men, women, weight loss, intestines and children. Then, through the choice of paper, we chose Guman grade crystal only, and then coupled with the choice of process, the basic industry with text logo, and then some bronzing process, let’s present the visual effect of the product. The whole customer demand and market sales have changed, The whole sales mode is through the way of star carrying goods to generate Internet sales. We want to present it to consumers through printing process, so that consumers can finally generate enough payment rate.

Probiotics adds 50 billion CFU live bacteria/bag of 15 strains, adds patented technology active bacteria powder, triple freeze-drying embedding technology, and adds 4 kinds of prebiotics. It helps sub-healthy people. During the whole process, we enjoyed our cooperation. Spud studio was full of creativity, imagination and talent. We constantly received very positive feedback from the brand side, which really helped our products stand out from our competitors. The response time was very fast and the service was very good. We would like to recommend them. Cui Shi probiotics


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