A Cheerful New Brand, Collateral, and Website for Dragonfly Café

by Online Optimism

Dragonfly Café is a New Orleans restaurant run by Raphael Village, a non-profit organization supporting differently-abled people in becoming fully engaged in life and community. The café is partially staffed by members of Raphael Village’s young adult program, The Guild. Dragonfly Café approached Online Optimism in search of a new brand, collateral, and a website that could accept online reservations, catering orders, and event requests. With a warm color palette and watercolor illustrations, our Design & Development team created a brand that focused on delight, familiarity, and fun.


Bronze in Restaurants / Cafe 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Katherine Socha

Design Company

Online Optimism

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Dragonfly Café at Raphael Village

Design Team

Katherine Socha - Digital Designer Claire Escobedo - Digital Designer Juan Pablo Madrid - Design Director


Individual Credits

Digital Designer: Katherine Socha
Digital Designer: Claire Escobedo