Clipsal Virtual Smart home

by Luminary

Clipsal’s new Wiser smart home product range is a scalable, automated smart home solution that lets the user control almost anything in a home with a smartphone or voice assistant. From opening blinds and closing blinds, to adjusting air-conditioning, dimming lights, or turning appliances on or off, the Wiser range allows the user to adjust their environment to suit their needs. In the past, Clipsal would have relied predominantly on its physical showrooms to demonstrate a new product range. However, with many of its customers affected by pandemic-related lockdowns at the time of the launch of the Wiser range, and with a general shift towards the convenience of online shopping, the company wanted to enable its customers to experience the range in a virtual setting.


Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022

Bronze in Digital Tools and Utilities 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Thom Bransom

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Clipsal by Schneider Electric

Design Team

Mark McManus


Individual Credits

Product Owner - Schneider Electric: Sharon Hatswell
Design Director: Thom Bransom
Designer: Mark McManus