Insecta Iridesse

by PLUS Collaboratives

We packaged a colour swatch in the form of intricate 3D iridescent gem-like jewellery pieces that resembled rare insects, crafted with paper to capture light on the print effects and an explorer’s journal documenting the findings of these insects in order to market this speciality metallic printing capabilities of the Iridesse Production Press.

It was crucial to inspire the industry print houses so they see the value of investing in the machine and the potential it brings to their businesses.

Through the machine’s capabilities, we imbued the sense of imagination while demonstrating the quality and possibilities of print.

We also worked with print engineers to incorporate a variety of speciality inks in our prints. This enabled a tactile inspection of print on different paper stocks that were relevant to what was produced, such as readers unfolding maps and drawings, reading torn newspaper clippings, and handling ‘money’. Newspaper clippings were highlighted with fluorescent ink, certificates were printed with gold ink to exhibit a polished premium look, and scientific drawings showcased the iridescent print patterns of the bugs.

The unconventional presentation remained relatable by encouraging inspection of the print via the loupe, a familiar industry tool. This resulted in an increase of sales enquires and over S$2 million in sales within a 4-hour launch.


Gold in Packaging Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

PLUS Collaboratives

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PLUS Collaboratives


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