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by buero inaoakley

This book is COURAGE distilled from life. Out of the crisis - into a new life! Beatrice Bleß-Lieb and Martin Lieb are health experts and role models for a vital life for over 50’s. In their forties, they upended their entire lives, as they no longer wanted to merely survive, but to finally live intensely. They had experienced absolute low points, medical ailments and profound crises since their early youth. Now they asked themselves: How does a happy life actually work - one in which you can feel yourself intensely, in which you not only function, but in which you are fulfilled by your job, your partner, and your relationship with your own body? In this deeply moving book, Beatrice and Martin show how they managed to use their greatest crises as a compass for their happiness in life and love, and to give their life a new intensity. In ten chapters, the authors take you on a journey through the worlds of inner strength, mental and emotional health, realignment in times of crisis, and staying young at any age. And they make you want to live!


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Beatrice Bless-Lieb & Martin Lieb