St. Ann’s Warehouse 40th Anniversary Season Brochure

by Flyleaf Creative, Inc.

Creative partners for over 20 years, Flyleaf Creative developed a brand that’s all about the layering of textures found in DUMBO, Brooklyn. For the 40th Anniversary Season Brochure, we worked with photographer Teddy Wolff who projected textures of images from past shows and layered them in real time using long exposures over the course of several seconds for each new image. These composite images represent both its history and the future of St. Ann’s. Each upcoming show was expressed in a unique typographic voice, and incorporated production photography to tell the story of each show. The large-format brochure was printed on newsprint on a web press that specializes in newspaper printing.


Gold in Poster and Brochure Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ojus Dohi

Design Company

Flyleaf Creative, Inc.

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St. Ann's Warehouse

Design Team

Anita Merk, Creative Director, Ojus Doshi, Senior Designer, Audrey Stanton, Visual Designer, Tim Falotico, Project Manager, Teddy Wolff, Photographer


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Anita Merk
Senior Designer: Ojus Doshi
Visual Designer: Audrey Stanton