Why Not Workshop logo design

by Joba Studio

Why Not Workshop is an educational nonprofit that supports underprivileged students who have difficulty thriving in a traditional school environment by providing them with an innovative curriculum that places emphasis on content instruction through hands-on, real-world, problem-based experiences.

Modern in its approach, Why Not Workshop seeks to bridge the learning gap created by traditional instruction through its innovative curriculum and after school programs. Why Not Workshop wanted an identity, promotional materials, and website that looked inclusive but also reflected its modern curriculum.

The “WNW” logomark is of a pencil, the adopted universal symbol of education, that includes the concept of bridging students with curriculum through the acronym W (student), N (bridge), and W (curriculum). The logomark is paired with a modern sans-serif typography, a bright color scheme, a images taken from the non-profits school.


Gold in Logos for Social Change 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kevin Jones

Design Company

Joba Studio

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Why Not Workshop

Design Team

Patrick Finley, Designer; Robyn Jones, Project Manager


Individual Credits

Art Director: Kevin Jones
Designer: Patrick Finley
Project Manager: Robyn Jones