The Lunczer family - Traditional values in a modern shape

by Graphasel Design Studio

Lunczer is a modern domestic brand, a family business from the Danube Bend. Their primary product is palinka, which they have been making in their distilleries since 2014. The ever-renewing palette includes barreled and blend palinkas, and optimus and essence palinkas. The latter offer consumers an even greater taste experience and a higher alcohol content. The product line was later expanded with gin and vodka. The ingredients for their products are mainly spring-water, grains, flowers and berries from the region. Prior to the design, we defined the following brand values so that the visual perfectly conveys the brand and the creators of the products: elegance, location (Danube Bend) and precision. The refined taste and elegant character of the drink is represented by the art deco style graphic world. The precisely constructed geometric elements reflects the family’s high-level of professional expectations.


Silver in Packaging Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Perneczki Dorottya

Design Company

Graphasel Design Studio

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Lunczer Pálinkaház

Design Team

Dorottya Perneczki, graphic designer. László Ördögh, art director. Nóra Katona, brand designer.


Individual Credits

Graphic designer: Dorottya Perneczki
Art director: László Ördögh
Brand designer: Nóra Katona