Simplifying a vast legacy

by noformat, inc.

The Swiss private bank, Bergos, can be traced back for more than four centuries. By evolving its brand and designing, developing, and launching a new website with a simple UX, we told the stories of today while celebrating its rich and important history.

After all, they already had an interesting story to tell. Bergos’ history can be traced back to its founding fathers—Hans and Paul Berenberg in 1590 and Johann Hinrich Gossler in 1769. Since then, the Zurich-based bank has fostered entrepreneurial thinking, education, and integrity.


Gold in Branding 2022

Gold in Website Design 2022

Gold in Banking & Finances 2022

Silver in Animation & Illustration for Websites 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Ian Brewer

Design Company

noformat, inc.

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Bergos AG

Design Team

Aleksandar Jankovic, Vladimir Biondic


Individual Credits

Head of Communications at Bergos AG: Aurelia Rauch