The Digital Experience Audit (DXA)

by Kinesso

For brands big and small, determining the effectiveness of digital campaigns is a siloed, fragmented experience. There are often multiple, contradictory viewpoints and inputs that don’t lead to accurate results, or the clear insight needed to take action. The Digital Experience Audit (DXA) solves for this to help brands create the most meaningful digital brand experiences possible.

DXA is an ultra-clean, extraordinarily intuitive platform that audits all of your digital channels; SEO, ecommerce, Google Analytics, user experience, paid social, organic social, mobile and more for a micro and macro view of a brand’s digital experience. DXA builds this comprehensive picture by measuring over 700 attributes, 8 channels, and 35 categories - referenced with 3,500 brands, 42 industries, 57 countries, 20,000 audits, and 1,000 users – resulting in concrete measurement of a brand’s digital footprint. Each audit scores the channel based on digital activity, frequency of updates, and competitor benchmarks. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence synthesizes this data to produce a detailed overview, along with recommendations that are guaranteed to increase digital brand performance.

Through beautiful and interactive data visualization, DXA tells the story of a brand’s digital strategies in ways that are easy to understand and ready to present. Identifying gaps in the brand experience and establishing benchmarks to measure change is a simple process.

DXA is truly an innovation of both function and design. No platform in its category has better simplified and automated the ability to track, monitor and evaluate the digital performance of brands. The proprietary AI algorithm pivots and adjusts to fine-tune recommendations and market averages with uncanny precision, getting smarter with every audit completed.

The most engaging aspect of DXA is its industry-leading data visualization design. There is no need to create charts and graphs to interpret the data for clients and team members – the...


Gold in Digital Design 2022

Gold in Digital Tools and Utilities 2022

Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022

Silver in Interaction Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Jennifer Rott

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Design Team

Jennifer Rött, Wally Mostafa, Sara Bichard, Christine Ayuso, Emily Chu

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Kinesso, US


Kinesso, US

Individual Credits

Product Design: Jennifer Rott
Product Design: Christine Ayuso
Product Design: Wally Mostafa