Sunny Sounds

by Frieda Ruh

In order to celebrate Smileys 50th birthday they asked an artist to create an artwork for one of the decades they've already existed. I was lucky enough to create something for the 80s. The brief also stated that you should develop a brand that speaks for the decade and I came up with sunny sounds radio, because I loved listening to the radio when I was younger and I would spent hours listening and waiting for my favorite songs to be played. I think the radio was one of the most important media back then...
I tried to show the transformative effect that music can have on how we feel by using the Smiley emoticons as stickers on the radio. Coming up with 80's reference was super fun and I tried to incorporate as many as I could (Hip Hop, Madonna's gloves, Bowie's lightning bolt...)


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Frieda Ruh

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