Back To School - Fundraising Campaign

by Blue Hat

AlNahda is a non profit organisation dedicated to the social and economic empowerment of women in KSA. Throughout its journey, Alnahda has developed various capacity building projects designed to fit the needs of the beneficiaries allowing them to take their own decisions as well as lead in their lives and communities.

Amidst the pandemic, NGOs recognized the impact of having access to the internet and to proper devices as not only a necessity but as part of basic human needs! Consequently and before the start of the new academic year in 2021, AlNahda wanted to launch a fundraising campaign aimed towards providing students with logistical support including access to technology, academic support and financing.
Campaign Strategy
We believe that nothing conveys a message better than storytelling. As such, the implementation of the digital campaign took place on a variety of platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube and a newsletter. In the early phases of the campaign, we developed a series of illustrations with an aim to tell the stories of the beneficiaries and their struggles in receiving quality education, ensuring that the messaging is relevant to the target audience in Saudi Arabia.

The videos were recorded by actual beneficiaries (students and mothers) who expressed their dreams and what it takes to achieve them. For example, one illustrated video featured a girl who is passionate about programming and dreams of becoming a freelance web-developer and is in need of support to acquire the needed qualifications. In total, six videos were animated reflecting six different personas creating empathy for the beneficiaries’ needs and nudging advocates to donate for them through call to action. These stories served as a revealer for the campaign’s title (Back To School).
At a later phase of the campaign, we emphasized the call to action further by sharing...


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Severine Haykal

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Blue Hat

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Alnahda Society, CEO: Rasha Al Turki
Alnahda Society, Chief Advocacy Officer: Salma Al Rashid
Alnahda Society, Head of Public Relations: Sarah Alghsoun