Dare to date better

by Today

Inner Circle ‘dare’ members to date better. Put in more effort so their time is well spent and they get a better dating experience. Bring a curated circle of like-minded singles together to match, chat and meet in real life. On one condition, we’re all here to date better.

The Illustrations are particularly good for helping daters understand how to date better with the Inner Circle dating app. The can introduce joy, boldness and color in moments. We created a DIY illustration kit. With a bundle of gestures, clothes and life styles which Inner Circle can use for all kinds of communication items.


Silver in Illustration 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Bob Derksen

Design Company


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Inner Circle

Design Team

Colin Develing, Jamilla Grannetia, Mary Ponomareva, Wouter Friso

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Entrant Companies

Today, NL


Inner Circle, NL

Individual Credits

Motion graphic: Erik Post