European movement against infectious diseases

by Today

Ecraid (European Clinical Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases) is a European academic network, where groups conducting research in the field of infectious diseases can work together and share knowledge. It is the first global network to pool clinical research on emerging or existing infectious diseases (like COVID) and resistance to antibiotics. Such international cooperation will ensure a faster approach to diseases that pose a threat to public health. The challenging task of putting Ecraid on the map as a new movement, with a clear positioning and strong brand identity.

Brand strategy revealed that Ecraid positions itself at 'the centre of excellence', as a movement of driven researchers. The logo is a clear and powerful wordmark. By underlining it, we emphasise the scientific and clinical component: it looks like a link to more information or a publication. The design language represents Ecraid as a new movement in which mankind is central. This allows us to create a powerful design system where everything comes together and you are part of the solution. Functional but, above all, on a human-scale.


Gold in Medicine 2022

Bronze in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Marieke Bremer, Bob Derksen

Design Company


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Design Team

Mary Ponomareva, Melina de Cock

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Entrant Companies

Today, NL


Ecraid, NL

Individual Credits

Brand Strategist: David Feenstra
Motion graphic: Reinier Flaes
Director: Wouter Friso