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by Aleksandra Baengueva

For more than 10 years, people from different countries have united together to preserve the ecosystem of the oldest and the largest lake in the world, Lake Baikal. The Save Baikal project is focused on creating programs to protect the environment, solve ecological problems, and control industrial enterprises, deforestation, and landfills on the territory of lake Baikal. The Save Baikal project is a part of the non-profit organization “The Center for the Development of Environmental and Social Projects”. They are a team of volunteers and activists who deeply committed to sustaining the biodiversity and ecosystem of the oldest and deepest lake on Earth.


Gold in Websites Design for Social Change 2022, Freelancer

Silver in Website Design 2022, Freelancer

Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022, Freelancer

Bronze in Interactive Design 2022, Freelancer

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