2022 Chinese Year of the Tiger New-Year greeting card

by Chien-Fu,Jeff Lai

We expect to be as strong as tigers this year, in order to defend ourselves against the constantly changing virus. We must adopt the adventurous spirit of the tiger: laughing heartily in the face challenges, and marching forward with courage. Finally, our hope is to become leaders like tigers, standing on the top of the mountain leading everyone to move forward in our field.

This greeting card design adopts two principles used in the creation of Chinese characters. This "Pictographic" principle is used in the Character for "Mountain" (山), and used in combination with the Chinese for used for expressing laughter (哈), the same as in the English "Ha". Both connotations are expressed simultaneously, and the strokes are shared, displaying a new art form for creating Chinese characters.


Silver in Typography 2022, Freelancer

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Chien-Fu,Jeff Lai