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Hopscotch is the last jump you’ll ever make for your business
Hopscotch is a game-changing B2B payments platform created by tech innovators obsessed with stripping the BS out of small businesses. It’s made for the next generation of small service-based business owners to take the fuss out of financial management. It’s freakishly simple, really good lookin’, and outrageously useful.

Motto’s engagement included brand workshops, brand naming, brand strategy, messaging, voice & verbal ID, visual identity, art direction, and website.

Despite being a rocky year, 2021 saw a surge in small business start-ups.
Starting up seems attractive enough – but keeping your business going? Business smarts can only get you so far. You need to have the right tools in the box to deal with the complexity and keep things running smoothly. This can be tricky when you’re spinning so many plates as a company founder. Between the late-night scheming, the pitches for new business and getting your head around the money part it can be tricky to master. There’s a platform to network, another to send invoices, another to receive payments, another to send payments, another to project manage. And just like that – your Monday went to hell in a handbasket. On top of that, the platforms you’re using are dry, uninspiring, and don’t even integrate properly. And the real kicker? They actually charge you for the privilege of using them. Some are upfront about it but some are a little bit sneakier. So you’re paying money to manage your own business, and not a single tool does everything you need in one place.

Enter Hopscotch.
For small businesses today, doing business is hard. Managing finance, meeting the right people, or marketing yourself is a minefield. This creates an opportunity for someone to come in and help things flow...


Gold in Banking & Finances 2022

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Co-Founders Reed Switzer & Rick Kleczkowski

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Nathan Holloway, Andrew Last, Hsiao-Han Chen, Sunny Bonnell, Ashleigh Hansberger, Matt Davies, Danielle Grogan, Lauren Hall


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Motto, US


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