Ninjas in Pyjamas

by Motto

Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) is considered one of the most influential and legendary professional esports organizations in the world with a fanbase in the millions. It is most known for its history in the game of Counter-Strike where NIP’s first roster in CS:GO dominated in the game’s early stages. Today, NIP boasts world-class teams and players in the biggest titles in competitive gaming: CS:GO, Rainbow Six, VALORANT, and FIFA.

Motto led NIP’s 2021 global rebranding effort to drive ambitious growth goals and inspire new fans. Motto’s rebrand made global headlines with the new visual identity and narrative-rich strategy. Called “One of the greatest rebrands in esports history,” the new NIP brand helped support groundbreaking growth including acquisitions, a partnership with Samsung, expansion into China, and so much more.

As NIP approached its 20th anniversary, it reached an important milestone: the organization needed to reflect and redefine its future. NIP approached Motto with several ambitious goals including rebranding a historic identity that no longer served the brand but still held sentimental value. The primary goal was to navigate the global team through arguably one of the most important and controversial rebrands in esports during a pandemic. Secondary goals included a need to build a consolidated and consistent image, deliver relevance, remain on-trend, achieve sustainability, differentiate, and most notably, champion the NIP brand as it regained its foothold after a series of organizational and perceptive challenges.

Idea Worth Rallying Around®:
“Expect the Unexpected” is NIP’s multidimensional and multidirectional rally cry — a key message that encapsulates the essence of the Ninja. It’s about having the energy and vision to be ready for anything — anytime, anywhere. It is both inspiring and humble, and a challenge we lay down to everyone in our clan.

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