Hey! I just carried a bag of fish from Keelung!

by Yen Lin Shen

After I participated in this art project, I deeply felt that many cultural attractions in Taiwan are not properly packaged. For example, the souvenirs and commodities sold at tourist attractions have no sense of design. So, they are not a PLUS to promote Taiwanese culture.
Also, young people would not buy and treat them as popular accessories.

According to Zhengbin Art co-creation studio, after their market survey, most of the visitors to Keelung Zhengbin fishing port are young female with less income. Before I started the project, I also did some interviews and actual market research to get a clearer picture of the target visitors.

I found that the major visitors are those who like to take light travel, enjoy natural environment and take photos on weekend & holidays. Usually, there are small group of 2~3 persons. Friends or sisters get together to look around the fishing port, sightseeing and enjoy the scenery, etc. So, It can be regarded as a comprehensive "travel + culture + art" travelling groups.

Therefore, I decided to design two styles of bags with the theme of Zhengbin fishing port. Although the target group is young girls,
I designed the style of bags to be neutral so it can attract the attention of male friends at well. Although, the theme of the designing
is Fishing Port, I also added the elements of fashion to make the bags looks more attractive.

When I visited Zhengbin Art at the first time, I followed the founder, Mr. Lin Shuhao on a tour. I learned from him that the fishing port used
to be one of the most important fishing ports in Taiwan, and it also contained a lot of history and memory.

As a result, the bag I designed is made of double-layer mixed material. The outer layer...


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