Traces of the pandemic

by viz. bybraem

During the pandemic, the focus was – and continues to be – on case numbers, hospital admissions, deaths and vaccination rates. In this series of infographics, we deliberately leave these statistics to one side and examine other things that have grown during – or as a result of – the pandemic.

The entire data story is embedded in a magazine as a series, showing over six pages what numbers multiplied during the pandemic: Online Purchases, Mental Health Support, Home Exercises, Home Furnishings, and also the explosive purchases at the start of the first lockdown as examples.

The challenge was to implement these many different numbers and different sources in such a way that the numbers were communicated in a readable way. This required conversions and an overall concept that visualized the growth - despite the perceived standstill.


Gold in Illustration 2022, Freelancer

Gold in Infographics 2022, Freelancer

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Marina Braem

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