Malanka beer

by Anastasia Kurilenko

Malanka is a craft brewery from Minsk, Belarus, which was started in 2019. I designed the logo and packaging.

NAME - Malanka (meaning “Lightning” in Belarusian)
is very bright and memorable image, present in various traditional tales and legends. What’s more, ethymologically the word “malanka” is loosely connected to “mlyn” (meaning “mill”) and “muka” (“flour”), as well as “maloć ziernie” (“to mill the grains”), which brings this term closer to brewing and baking.
In the development of the logo, the task was to depict lightning (a natural phenomenon) and an element of brewing. But without using all the popular images of this topic. I combined images of lightning and beer tap.
In the label, I decided to use the logo as the main design element. I used black and white. Firstly, the task was to develop a design in minimalism, to abandon all popular designs of beer labels. Also monochrome will significantly reduce printing costs.


Silver in Packaging Design 2022, Freelancer

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Anastasia Kurilenko

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