Bridgit Rebrand

by Chello

Bridgit offer the only flexible bridging loan option in a space known for tedious and slow processes. They approached us to create a brand positioning and identity to propel them into market and highlight their unique offering. Through workshops with the client we came up with a brand strategy that focused on people taking the next step in their life – Bridgit made for today, is what this stood for. With this, the visual expression was inspired by their audience, upsizers, downsizers, or those just looking for something new. No matter who, Bridgit has them covered. We created a flexible grid to convey the idea of movement through dynamic graphic asset placement, providing a meaningful layout system.
Really simply, we incorporated an arch in the logo to reflect a bridge and create a clear connection between bridg and it. The two colours reinforce the separation of two words, bringing it further away from a name and closer to the adjective they want to make of the brand name, Bridgit.


Bronze in Banking & Finances 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Becky Gillis & Natalie Wong

Design Company


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Individual Credits

Creative Director: Tristan Velasco
Associate Creative Director: Jenny Lennon
Strategy Director: David Coupland