Cheer with Ancient Wine Vessels

by China University of Technology. (TAIWAN)

This creation, by studying, collecting, preserving, educating and disseminating the culture of ancient Chinese wine vessels, is both educational and entertaining without going out of fashion. To draw public attention to the culture of these ancient artefacts, this creation adds value to the traditional culture through graphic publications and cultural and creative merchandise, bringing about cultural and economic benefits and fulfilling the mission of conveying educational messages. In the course of research, it was found that there were no publications on the market that focused on rarely used Chinese characters for traditional Chinese wine vessels and culture, and that there were no illustrated dictionaries with images of wine vessels. This work aims to compile the uses and pronunciation of ancient Chinese wine vessels, and to combine traditional meanings with innovative and transformed graphic elements, so that the public can learn about heritage, culture and artistic aesthetics from the publication through interesting interpretations, which serves an educational function and allows the culture of Chinese wine vessels to be passed on and preserved.


Silver in Branding 2022, Student

Silver in Merchandise Design 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Xin-Qi Su

University or Design School

China University of Technology. (TAIWAN)

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Design Team

Xin-Qi Su, Yu-Chen Dai, Pei-Ju Chao, Xin-Yuan Fan, Shih-Ting Chou

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