Get Active Victoria - Website Design

by Rock Agency

Get Active Victoria is a free and invaluable resource helping Victorians be more physically active. Rock Agency has been integral to the initiative from day one, executing branding, the design and development of both the website and web application, and following-up with audience engagement through digital marketing. The online resource comprises an array of home workout and activity videos, plus tools for people to track activity and create online teams to stay connected and motivated. As an evolving platform, Rock Agency continues to develop useful features for the Get Active Victoria audience, including the new ‘Teams’ functionality for online teams to compare activity, and the inclusion of a ‘Voucher’ portal where parents can apply for vouchers to pay for organised sport for their kids. The Web Application currently has over 83,000 registered users and is growing week on week.


Bronze in Website Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Cam Lee

Design Company

Rock Agency

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Get Active Victoria