Creative UK

by Multivitamin Group

As a leader in the industry, Creative UK’s website needed to act as a distinctive representative of the opportunities, progression and community which it stands for. The brief was simple; to unite Creative England and Creative Federations under one brand identity and one online hub which champions the UK’s creative sector.

Focusing on the message of amplification and empowering creative communities we created a symbol of amplification and placed it at the core of the entire digital ecosystem. Utilising a bespoke font to best capture the care and attention which the brand leads by, the website’s distinctive tone of voice speaks directly to its community. Creative UK's bold colour palette of deep orange, black and white was picked to be both visually striking and compliment the grotesk style typography. Ensuring a unified palette across the website and their brand design with the custom font creates cohesion in the way the brand is recognised.
Progressing the industry isn't simply a case of broad strokes or big bold movements, it's also an attentiveness to detail that the Creative UK team give, helping them bring about genuine growth amongst their many communities. Ergo the brand’s website design had to embody this delicate balance of detail, strength and accessibility for many people searching for information.


Silver in Website Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Jacob Beckett

Design Company

Multivitamin Group


Creative UK

Design Team

Robert Lloyd, Jacob Beckett, Sam Thomas