Light brings back wonderful memories

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Ioluce is a unique jewelry product. Being patented by Giorgio Visconti - historic Italian jewelry brand - it is characterized by an innovative frame that enhances the light of the jewel and its stones, increasing its perceived prestige.

Light brings back wonderful memories. Do you know the word "Natsukashii"? This is a particular Japanese word that has a unique and untranslatable meaning in other languages: if we wanted to describe it we could define it as the evocation of those good memories of the past that give us joy and happiness. The concept of the IOLUCE brand is precisely the Natsukashii which becomes a metaphor for a "casket of light that preserves memories".

For this project, the agency studied the jewelry market, competitors and benchmarks, defining the guidelines for the brand positioning, brand values ​​and brand identity. A naming study was carried out to best represent the concept but "sound Italian" even abroad, to recall the beauty, fashion and art that have historically characterized Italy in the world in the world.

The logo is made up of a sequence of thin letters which, light and elusive, are set by a horizontal beam of light. In its entirety, the logo takes the form of a key, as if it protected and could reveal the contents of a secret casket, a precious treasure.

Several videos have been made (20) with different stories, which tell on many different occasions how Ioluce encloses and protects the best memories of the protagonist.
The video ad attached to the project tells of a girl who, thanks to Ioluce, touching the jewel with a tender daily gesture, reveals all the splendid memories she experienced accompanied by her in love with her.


Ioluce è un prodotto di gioielleria unico. In fase di brevettazione da parte di...


Silver in Logos 2022

Bronze in Branding 2022

Bronze in Fashion Brand 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Marco Apadula

Design Company


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Giorgio Visconti

Design Team

Marco Apadula - brand identity director / brand strategy advisor / brand identity designer Desy Gregis - brand strategy advisor; Benjamin Rossign...

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Entrant Companies

Up.00, IT


Giorgio Visconti, IT

Individual Credits

brand identity director / brand strategy advisor / brand identity designer: Marco Apadula
brand strategy advisor: Desy Gregis
regist / video production / video editing: Benjamin Rossignol