Scoutward Brands

by Motto

The journey to discovering a better way goes in all directions.
The creation of Scoutward Brands signals a bold new era, vision, and structure for Dallas-based winery, Scout & Cellar. To support long-term growth and diversification plans, the Motto team collaborated closely with Scout & Cellar leadership to create Scoutward, a new parent company that will bring together multiple brands, extensions, and wine adjacencies under its Clean-Crafted Commitment®. The work included brand architecture, workshops, naming, verbal identity, visual identity, messaging, and art direction.

The new identity signals that Scout & Cellar has gone through a significant transition since launching its social-selling business model and experiencing explosive growth. Scoutward Brands is the cornerstone to their long-term success as a company. Through it, they’ll be able to launch innovations in wine and beyond, operate businesses in new territories and markets, reach a wider audience, and grow revenue through cross-selling. This compelling new brand has energized the culture with a clear sense of purpose: to create A World of Good.

“A World of Good '' is Scoutward’s rally cry — the simplest, most compelling idea at the center of the brand that encapsulates its essence and guides business practices, ideas, and actions.

Naming the Brand
At the heart of the brand is a powerful theme, rooted in the very meaning of the name. Leaning on the archetype of the explorer, the team coined the name “Scoutward” by combining “scout” meaning to search for someone or something in various places and “ward” the omni-directional approach to discovery; onward, upward, forward, backward, because the journey to discovering a better way goes in all directions

Verbal Identity
Scoutward’s voice is bold, authentic, and adventurous. Treading unworn paths instills a dose of bravery and confidence. Scoutward’s down-to-earth founder solved a personal problem that also resonated with others,...


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