Digital transformation, branding and website for a printing services broker

by Funktional

Pandruk dealt with comprehensive service of printing services as a stationary printing house in Krakow, offering printing in many different technologies, as well as a wide range of services related to printing: planning, designing, laminating. The brand has reached the point where it was necessary to evolve and change the business model from a thriving local business to a provider of complementary B2B solutions on a national scale, reducing the scope of activities in the B2C sector.
In order to include a wide range of brand services, we had to prepare a new website with a modern Web2print engine to manage production and online sales. The combination of a wide range of online printing houses with the print management service required a well-thought-out information architecture and UX / UI solutions so that the client could easily and intuitively choose a solution ideally suited to his needs.
Pandruk in its new version as Print Concierge is a completely new quality on the printing market in Poland. It is an innovative combination of speed, agility and unlimited technological possibilities of an online printing house and comprehensive care and management of printing services in the print management model. The communication strategy for the brand's new business model, combined with a refreshed, modern branding and website, place Pandruk as an extremely strong brand that can aspire to be a leader in the world of printing. A brand for the 21st century.


Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Rafał Klimczak

Design Company


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Design Team

Rafał Klimczak, Jakub Bieda, Iwona Tryka, Tomek Król, Anna Misiuda.


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Anna Misiuda
Art Director: Jakub Bieda
Senior UX/UI Designer: Rafał Klimczak