Website for FMCG brand build on the basis of the existing CMS system

by Funktional

Tymbark has been present in the hearts of Poles for nearly 80 years. It’s a leader on the market. The brand became famous not only thanks to offer, but also thanks to the unique caps, under which we can find optimistic slogans. Tymbark turned to us with the task of creating the website that will be tailored primarily to users using mobile phones, has a flexible CMS system and will be in line with the current strategic assumptions of the brand.
While creating the website for Tymbark, we always thought about rule "mobile first"! We wanted to create a website which is user friendly - presents product, allows filtering, searching by name, taste or product line. An important aspect was also the visual sphere, the use of green and a reference to the "brand hero" which is the cap. Placing dynamic elements on the page is also deliberate - it makes this page alive, and evokes emotions. The website is friendly not only to external users, but also to Maspex group employees. It’s intuitive and based on modular templates that can be used in any way for editing and expansion that do not require the involvement of a team of developers and designers.
From the very beginning, we wanted to satisfy two parties - the user (the Tymbark brand client) and the moderators of the website (all people working on expanding the offer and editing content). As a result, we helped our client to become completely independent from subcontractors and gave him the opportunity to edit the website himself, and for expansion. In this way, we limited the client's external costs. The Tymbark website is minimalistic, clear, and user-friendly. It meets all the assumptions of modern design, and is also consistent with the brand strategy.


Silver in Website Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Sławomir Skuta & Iwona Tryka

Design Company


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Design Team

Anna Misiuda, Sławomir Skuta, Iwona Tryka.


Individual Credits

UX/UI Designer: Iwona Tryka
UI Designer: Sławomir Skuta
UX & Creative Director: Anna Misiuda