Lovis München

by Sebastian Hoffmann

"Lovis München" shows that beauty, style and ecology belong together. All products are plastic free, regionally handmade of natural ingredients, vegan and free from palm oil. With its elegant design, the brand aims to inspire sophisticated consumers to switch to plastic free cosmetics.

Lovis is an homage to the artist Lovis Corinth, who found an adopted home in the "Blue Land", the Bavarian Alp-region with its lakes, mountains and moors. The Founder got inspired to the brand idea while living in a monastery in the "Blue Land". The product range’s design is held in rich blue and uses pattern photographs of the versatile regional flora.

All Packages are made of regional-grown, ecological hay paper, have been printed climate-neutral and can be recycled. The challenge was to give the ecological hay paper a natural yet sophisticated design. The result is very traditional and modern at the same time: with hand sewn-stitching, the rhombus-logo white-on-blue – referring to the Bavarian flag – it is a modern interpretation of regional iconography. Inspired by the beauty of the Bavarian Alps.


Gold in Packaging Design 2022, Freelancer

Created by:


Sebastian Hoffmann


Lovis München