Third Time’s a Charm

by Joanna Skrzypiec

“Third Time’s a Charm” (polish: Do Trzech Razy Sztuka) authored by Iwona Siewierska - is an art guidebook that asks the reader to enter a fascinating journey into the world of contemporary unique ceramics.
Iwona Siewierska is a collector, art patron and founder of Unikat Foundation. The author promotes domestic art and elevates artistic events abroad. “Third Time’s a Charm” is the third publication under Unikat which reveals stories about Siewierska’s experiences with her beloved form of art - unique ceramics.
The chapters are divided between esthetically structured photographs of the art forms from Siewierska's collection. The cover of the book is a combination of white, thin cotton embossed with the use of six matrices and refined with silver "thread" by the method of hot stamping. The cover was made by typographic printing design studio Mutant Letterpress and has been hand-crafted by Dagmara Świętek.
Three hundred colourful photographs are presented onto 304 unique pages bounded on noble Munken Lynxpaper with a basis weight of 120 grams, created by the company Arctic Paper. Vast majority of the photographs are studio photos authored by Tomasz Mielech, Czesław Chwiszczuk and Grzegorza Stadnik. 
The themes found under the emblem of Unikat Foundation promotes contemporary unique ceramist and the foundation focuses on publishing art books. The books are entirely created by artists and every subliminal part of the book has been designed and crafted by experts of their crafts. Iwona Siewierska refrains from the commercialisation of her books and enables the copies only to a narrow group of audience. 


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