Bea's Detroit

by Unsold Studio

Bea’s Detroit opened in Eastern Market in March 2020, but were quickly forced to pivot their initial business plan due to the pandemic. Owners Bea and Eli Wolnerman adapted to “the new world” and shifted the building’s use to include a tiny wedding program. Bea’s Detroit soon became a premier wedding venue in the city, while still functioning as a boutique co-working space and a charming café. Their team needed to update their initial Bea’s brand in order to reflect the changes, but to also communicate the versatility of the space quickly to customers, without confusing them.

Our design concept was inspired by travel and tourism campaigns that make a city, state, or country a must-see destination. Often, these campaigns feature a variety of things to do while you’re there—from simple and traditional, to weird and wacky. Similarly, Bea’s will become a go-to destination, where the amount of things to do there is seen as an asset. It’s a place that you want to return again and again because you can’t experience everything it has to offer in one trip. It’s the “place to bea”.


Gold in Services - Other 2022

Silver in Branding 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Meaghan Barry and Lilian Crum

Design Company

Unsold Studio

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Bea's Detroit


Individual Credits

Partner, Designer: Meaghan Barry
Partner, Designer: Lilian Crum
Web Developer: Jason Duerr