Bas3 (Just3) - Strengthen Community Resilience to Covid-19

by Kaboom Social Impact

Strengthen Community Resilience to Covid-19

In 2021 when Covid 19 was at its peak in India, people were hesitant to get vaccinated. They were afraid, apprehensive and lack of information about vaccination was at its peak. They did not know what to do, how they could secure themselves, what to do after the first dose. The government and other organizations created messages addressing vaccine hesitancy but the messages were few and far between. So people were left with a lot of questions, once again, in the second phase of the pandemic.

The Asia Foundation and Kaboom set out to change this on the ground. Kaboom used a Human Centred Design approach in order to better understand the problems faced by the identified target groups in 15 districts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Delhi. They partnered with different organizations working on the ground for primary research.

The research showed that communication on the ground was generic in nature. People were bombarded with fake information from social media which increased vaccination hesitancy. People did not know what to do after the 1st dose of vaccine. And most of all, women, especially pregnant and lactating women were left wondering if the vaccine was for them at all.

Creative Route
Kaboom knew the need of the hour was to create a unified message which had a high recall value. The message had to be simple and in the language people spoke and understood. The information had to be up to date in an environment where new information was coming in everyday. And most importantly we had to be factually correct. And put together, the campaign had to build people’s confidence towards getting themselves fully vaccinated.
From there came, Bas3 (Just3)
Bas 3
Savdhan, Samjhdar, Surakshit

Savdhan - Be careful
Samjhdar -...


Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2022

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Kaboom Social Impact

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Nirmala Nair, Kinjal Sharma, Drishti Khokhar, Sidharth Shankar, Payal Khurana, Nandita D'Costa, Gaurav Agarwala, Ambesh Tripathi

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Kaboom Social Impact, IN


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Team Lead and Strategy Lead: Nirmala Nair
Head of Client Servicing: Nandita D'Costa
Research and Content: Kinjal Sharma