Data Protection Mascot

by Bernhard Wilke – SUPERNOW Designstudio

Data Protection has become more and more important as the amount of data continuously increases.
The data protection department of PHOENIX healthcare demands its visibility with a new logo. For an emotional approach towards the audience a mascot creates a memorable character to have a higher engagement and to communicate the aspects of data protection in everyday communications. The fox stands for a smart, intelligent and modern approach to a different thinking. A digital connection is applied to the fox as most data are digitally processed. The Illustration is used throughout a campaign that runs in 26 European countries to ensure the integrity of data in all aspects of the organization.


Silver in Illustration 2022, Freelancer

Bronze in Logos 2022, Freelancer

Created by:


Bernhard Wilke – SUPERNOW Designstudio


Phoenix Pharmahandel GmbH & CO KG