by Shillington NYC

This brief was about designing an article and a cover for a fictional music magazine. This quarterly offshoot of NME would set out to provide music lovers with powerful stories and careful analyses of music old and new. NME wanted to stay away from its gonzo and punk roots, and typesetting had to be treated with special care. Most of the content was provided by the client.

I strived to create designs that treat music as a serious form of entertainment in a contemplative and analytical manner.

For the article, my answer was inspired by old technical manuals. The name of the magazine itself links back to this technical, almost cold approach to music. The article’s design uses two colors and no black, halftone images and a rigid layout with small margins and strong gravity to denote the seriousness of the matter at hand. Metaphorical images and playful graphic elements add some nuance to this base. The titles is set in Neue Helvetica and the copy uses Miriam Libre.

The cover combines an ancient sculpture and soundwave-like circles to reach for a somewhat more sensitive, yet still serious approach to music. The title is set in Norwester, the rest in Palatino.


Gold in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2022, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Simon Fréour

University or Design School

Shillington NYC

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NME (student work)


Individual Credits

Graphic Design Teacher: Kim Melvin
Graphic Design Teacher: Thiago Eichner