Made With Love - Food to fill your heart

by Mpire

Made With Love is not just a book, it is a collection of recipes that will help you celebrate your happiest moments and get through your darkest times. A wide variety of decadent dishes will leave you feeling loved and whole, no matter the occasion. The Author believes that food can bring people together, help heal a broken heart, and truly speak to your soul.
Our task at Selwaye Studio was to reflect these emotions & meanings and encapsulate them in this book's branding, photography and layout design. We wanted people to enjoy a colourful and emotionful experience throughout the book and of course celebrate love.


Silver in Book Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Moe Selwaye

Design Company


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Toni Chapman, NewYork - USA

Design Team

Creative Director: Moe Selwaye Layout Designer: Rami Jbara Motion Designer: Motaz Faysal Photographer: Jaime Pavon

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Individual Credits

Creative Director: Moe Selwaye
Graphic Designer: Rami Jbara
Motion Designer: Motaz Faisal