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MUNICIPAL’s Sport Utility Gear is designed to propel the modern professional man through his day, from start to finish. Whether training, on the go from one place to another, or on a night out, MUNICIPAL is there with you.

As such, our initial design concepts leaned in on the morning, afternoon, and night idea. We envisioned the website displaying the user’s current time and changing the products shown based on this; workout clothes in the morning, comfort pants in the afternoon to work in, and stylish gear after dark for your nightlife.

The design of the website uses best-in-class architecture for ecommerce shopping. To appeal to our target audience, we use large fonts, dark backgrounds, and fun “hype” colors to accentuate the brand. The site is easy to navigate and promotes the everyday grind of the MUNICIPAL man. It’s designed as a shopping site while allowing users to “experience” the essence of the brand.



Gold in Website Design 2022

Gold in Mobile Responsive Design 2022

Gold in Typography 2022

Silver in Fashion Brand 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Chuck Pearson

Design Company


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Individual Credits

VP of Brand Design at MUNICIPAL CO.: Chris Velardo
CEO at Rareview: Chuck Pearson
CMO at Rareview: Rob Pearson