Creator+ Branding

by Eva Van der Borght & Liam Speranza

In a world where content gets devoured at the speed of light, we know we can do better. Creator+ is building a new film studio and streaming platform for digital-first storytellers and their audience who are hungry to support them. Creator+’s ambition is to create a platform that provides a new user experience for engaging with content, commerce, creators, and community in one place.

The brand identity needed to speak to gen-z consumers and content creators, without being too niche and trendy to the extent it would deter other customers from joining and consuming the content. The new brand identity seamlessly combines analogue and craft with modern and digital. The crafty and analogue side reminds of the creative process, as the majority of creators start with content creation at home, experimenting with their craft. This then combines with modern and digital, expressed though vibrant colors to represent the online aspect of content platforms and quick innovation. Hand-drawn elements, specks of dust and grit, energetic colors and a logo with a nod to to camera aperture marks come together to create a playful, impactful and premium brand identity.


Gold in Media 2022, Freelancer

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Eva Van der Borght & Liam Speranza

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