The Tridea Project

by Lisa Winstanley Design

The Tridea Project
The Tridea Project was borne from the desire to address societies divisions through collaborative creative practice with Tridea’s overarching aim to promote inclusion, collaboration, and altruism as a counter to these divisions. This project embraces diversity and fosters a culture of creative trust by inviting creatives from around the world to participate in an international collaborative form of the Surrealist parlour game, ‘The Exquisite Corpse‘. The Exquisite Corpse is a method of collaging numerous designs by several artists into one co-created composition. Think of it as a creative relay race! The artworks generated are displayed in the project online gallery and subsequently sold as high-resolution downloads and all profits from the sales are donated to partnering charities; thus, exploring alternative means of production and consumption of art and design by providing channels for culturally diverse co-creation.

The Book
The book design provides a second platform from to showcase these co-created artefacts and was crafted with materiality in mind. Each aspect of the design was carefully considered to represent the project’s guiding philosophy of diversity and inclusion. The book is cloth bound in a deep purple fabric to represent creativity. The Tridea logo marque, a vertical triptych, is debossed and printed in a metallic pink foil, creating reflection and distortion much like the surrealist notions this project was inspired by. The cover of the book then forms a horizontal triptych, hinting towards the triality of the project concept: Three ideas, three artists, three layers of meaning and creativity. Accordingly, the book is divided in to three parts. First an introduction of the project philosophy and tone of voice. Secondly, an indepth brand guidelines of the project, covering the logo identity, colour palette, typography, and their wider applications. Lastly, the final chapter, an essay entitled, ‘Designing Conditions to Foster...


Gold in Book Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Lisa Winstanley

Design Company

Lisa Winstanley Design


The Tridea Project

Design Team

Creative Director: Lisa Winstanley, Lead Designer: Lisa Winstanley, Designer: Chen Jingyi, Photographer: Peh Jiaxian Lisa, Photographic art direct...


Individual Credits

Assistant Professor / Creative Director: Lisa Winstanley
Designer: Chen Jingyi
Photograher: Peh Jiaxian Lisa