Verliebt in New York

by Nieschlag + Wentrup

"Verliebt in New York" (In Love with New York) by designer and author team Lisa Nieschlag and Lars Wentrup is a paean to the city that never sleeps. The 50 New York recipes, all styled and photographed by photographer Lisa Nieschlag, are much more than a cookbook. The readers’ memories of numerous Hollywood films where the city plays an important role (Harry and Sally, Pillowtalk and Breakfast at Tiffany’s…) become part of the readers’ experiences with their own special places in the Big Apple. This is a book for lovers, but also for those in love with the city.

The cover and the chapter titles by author and Illustrator Lars Wentrup recall the poster art of the 30s interpreted with modern methods. Typography influenced by commercial art stresses vertical elements, mirroring the architectural elements of the city’s skyscrapers. Subtle typographic details like the heart-shaped “o” on the cover subconsciously underscore the theme of “love”. The choice of photos reveals the designer’s fine hand – their placement, juxtapositions, the subtlety of colour in photographer Joe Thomas’s work accompany the reader as he travels through the Big Apple.

The covers‘ goldfoil combined with a subtle shade of mint green and a striking dark blue lend the outward appearance a high class touch.


Bronze in Book Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Lisa Nieschlag + Lars Wentrup

Design Company

Nieschlag + Wentrup

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Hoelker Verlag

Design Team

Lisa Nieschlag + Lars Wentrup

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Individual Credits

Food Stylist & Food Photographer: Lisa Nieschlag
Illustrator & Designer: Lars Wentrup
Photographer: Joe Thomas