STAATUS Index Survey

by The DataFace

In response to heightened violence against Asian Americans in the U.S., the newly formed organization Leading Asian Americans to Unite for Change (LAAUNCH) conducted a national study in early 2021 to better understand how Americans as a whole perceived and treated Asian Americans. Named the STAATUS Index (Social Tracking of Asian Americans in the United States), this was one of the first such studies in more than 20 years. LAAUNCH intended to arm policymakers, educators, business leaders, the media, and other Asian American organizations with this information to drive actionable insights and find ways to curb the current acts of racism, as well as erase racist stereotypes and myths about Asian Americans.

The DataFace team designed a printed PDF report that documents LAAUNCH's groundbreaking data findings using impactful imagery, graphical stats, and eye-opening data visualizations. Along with the PDF report, we compiled key findings and created interactive data visualizations for a microsite within the client's website using Webflow. This way, users could investigate the data, share findings effectively on social media, and help galvanize change.


Gold in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2022

Gold in Infographics 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Aria Todd

Design Company

The DataFace

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Design Team

Aria Todd, Sam Vickars, Catalina Plé, Jack Beckwith, Michael Hester

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Entrant Companies

The DataFace, US



Individual Credits

CEO (LAAUNCH): Norman Chen
Co-Founder (LAAUNCH): Richard Ting
Lead Designer (The DataFace): Aria Todd