Caleb & Brown Zurich Dashboard

by Chello

Caleb & Brown has built a unique and successful business designed for the cryptocurrency market, offering access to crypto trading via traditional, personal broker relationships, hugely popular amongst an older, more conservative demographic. We had the opportunity to further develop their customer experience by providing an interactive and informative user platform that enhances the existing client/broker relationship. Our brief was to design a mobile-first platform that is both easy to navigate and instantly rewarding for Caleb & Brown clients, while providing a useful tool for brokers during client interactions. The client platform, named Zurich, covers the main dashboard, transactions page, wallets page, and markets page, with further details on banking and crypto-related news, as well as offering filtering and withdrawal capabilities. Extensive customer and broker research, alongside best-practice crypto UX, was conducted prior to wireframing, prototyping and finally full UI design.


Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Natalie Wong

Design Company


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Individual Credits

Creative Director: Tristan Velasco
Strategy Director: David Coupland
Senior Account Manager: Drou Angelides