Sustainability report lux-Airport

by Lekkerwerken GmbH

An airport and sustainability – not exactly a combination that immediately springs to mind. But lux-Airport is serious about the environment. The motto: BUILDING TODAY THE GREEN AIRPORT OF TOMORROW.

There's a lot to tell: From 100,000 honey-producing employees – the busy airport bees – to certified CO2 reduction and Europe's largest wooden "superstructure" covering 30,700 square meters of floor space.

The heart and soul that the airport operator puts into preserving the environment should be communicated in the best possible way. That starts with the feel: Just as LUX seeks to resolve the tension between air traffic and environmental protection, this resolution is conveyed at the very first touch of the book. The cover paper is coated with stone dust – reminiscences of the airfield, but also a reference to the natural environment. The whole thing is, of course, climate-neutral and produced with sustainable materials.

In terms of content and design, the report tells the stories of the diverse sustainability projects, while at the same time conveying the most important facts. The result is an information collage that creates a dynamic rhythm of stillness and movement, of graphics and texts, of stories and facts – also visually. In addition to the vital green tone, the open thread binding is an important design element that literally connects the stories with a red thread in the airport's corporate color. Last but not least, the cover flaps provide a comprehensive overview of the goals set and the successes achieved so far on the way to becoming a "Green Airport" – CHANGE HAS BEGUN.


Silver in Book Design 2022

Created by:

Lead Designer

Bjoern Pust

Design Company

Lekkerwerken GmbH

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Société de l'Aéroport de Luxembourg S.A.